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"I am so grateful Jessica shared her simplify to soar club tips! Her confidence in her simple tips inspired me to implement them in my home and it has changed my life! No joke, when I have a messy kitchen, I feel like I can't function and the stress snowballs. When I started implementing her kitchen tips each day/night, I have noticed I am no longer overwhelmed and it has saved me so much time! Thank you Jessica for sharing your knowledge and helping me take more control of my life! It feels so good! " 

Kristen Ruesch

"This is so good Jessica! I've tried to do these things before but without setting an intention before and without the "why" I quickly ignore the time limits and my notifications pile up. This time, I'm going to set my sights on my goal, to "SOAR!". Excited to make some meaningful and lasting changes and get my time back!" 

Phoebe Cook

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Create a home that supports you and your family and the life you want to live!

We don't need to wait to start living our lives before our homes are perfect. Listen to a 10 minute audio lesson each month and focus on one simple task. Spend the next year creating a home that supports you while still living your life, developing your gifts and talents, and being present with the people you love most. It is time to start Soaring.

What you get: 

  •  Simplify Your Technology Usage 
  • Simplify Your Email Inbox 
  • Simplify Your Morning 
  • Simplify Your Space 
  • Simplify Your Meals 
  • Simplify Your Floors 
  • Simplify Your Toy Storage 
  • Simplify Your Kitchen Clean Up 
  • Simplify Your Bathroom Cleaning 
  • Simplify Your Laundry 
  • Simplify Your Closets